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Brewing beer has been at the heart of the beautiful valley of Formosa for over one hundred and forty-five years. It's an exciting time here at Formosa Springs Brewery so check back soon – or let us send you the latest news.

Pure spring water. Expert quality. Legendary taste.

Our team of brewing aficionados select just the right combinations of ingredients to craft the consistent flavour of our award winning beers. The fact is, it’s not easy to brew a perfectly balanced lager. The right ingredients need to be handled just right, and aged at an exact temperature. There’s nowhere to hide a flaw in a beer as clean tasting as ours. It takes skill, time and commitment to do, and that’s what goes into every bottle at Formosa Springs Brewery.

Formosa Springs

DRAFT | 5.0% Alc/Vol.

Triple Gold medal winner at the International Monde Selection competition and the Brew Master's medal from the Fine Food & Beverage Federation of America.

Blonde Baron

LAGER | 4.8% Alc/Vol.

Gold and a bronze medal at the World Beer Cup. Gold Medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards. Gold medal at the Ontario Brewing Awards.

Lime Baron

LAGER | 4.0% Alc/Vol.

Ontario Brewing Awards silver for flavoured beer.

Platinum Baron

LAGER | 2.7% Alc/Vol.

This single carb, tasty low alcohol alternative has only 60 calories, yet remains full flavoured and is equally refreshing.

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About Formosa Springs

A Once Sleepy Brewery Has Awakened.

Nestled in Ontario’s South Bruce is one of Canada’s most historic breweries, Formosa Springs Brewery. Beer has flowed through this community for generations, since the first German settlers brought their love of traditional lager. In its day, Formosa Brewery reached wide into the county, delivering wooden cases of beer from horse-drawn wagons to surrounding hotels and homes. We’re producing a bit more beer these days, but we still take the same care and pride in crafting honest, classic lagers known for their amazing drinkability.

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Think about it. What’s the most important ingredient in beer? Water.

There’s an age ol ’question about what actually is the most essential ingredient in making great beer. Grain. Yeast. Hops. Maybe even the brewer. All could all be contenders. We beg to differ. Beer, like our bodies, is mostly water. You do the math. Water is so important, that the purity, quality and mineral content in water from different locations will affect — sometimes deeply — the taste of the beer. At Formosa Springs Brewery you could say we won the lottery when it comes to having our own pure spring water source. When ancient glaciers receded over 10,000 years ago a pristine aquifer formed right in our backyard. And it’s the secret ingredient to our great tasting beer.

We’ve been bringing people together for almost as long Canada has been Canada

You may already know our premium beer for incredible smooth drinking that’s approachable for everyone, no matter the occasion. But for newcomers to Formosa Springs Brewery beer, we promise if you’re looking for the essential honest, crisp tasting lager that you can drink time after time, well… you’ve found the right beer company.

Retail Store temporarily closed for business due to Covid 19

Hello friends and beer lovers. Given the unsettling times we are all facing, we've made the difficult decision to close our retail location effective immediately.  We're sorry for any inconvenience, but the safety of our staff and patrons comes first. Watch this space for further details and stay safe!

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Where to find our Beers